I’m a native Californian and have worked with glass since 1974. My works are all original and mostly inspired by historical masks and forms. I have spent thousands of hours researching my subject matter. I produce these sculptures as historical markers of cultures long since diminished or vanished. I reach beyond my art to cultural preservation, saving fragments of the past in my contemporary style.

I work with a glass process known as fusing in which two or more layers are melted together in a kiln at temperatures up to 1600 degrees. I create glass parts by using methods of pouring, blowing and lamp work at 2300 degrees to individualize my work. I love to create my own colors, thereby offering glass accents in colors that are not available elsewhere.

My work is featured in many galleries and retailers, and my work has been featured in many magazines and television programs.

I’ve been quoted as saying ”I have followed my heart, passion and intellectual interests into a direction I could never have dreamed of. I have created a body of work that covers many centuries, cultures and an evolution of glass techniques that tell my story as a glass artist. I am proud of the work that I have created and the bridge it builds to the past.”

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I started my glass career in 1974. My time was spent creating glass panels for exquisite homes. I also made hundreds of glass panels for furniture with brass came and sandblasted center motifs. I think one of the most fun projects was sandblasting glass doors to mimic the floral wallpaper in the surrounding rooms. I stayed VERY close to home because of what I felt were my family obligations.

In 1982 I started creating fused glass and small blown objects. With this new venue I knew I would have to step out of my home base and “Put it OUT there”, as they say. I did my first art show in 1982 and sold my first glass mask for $200.00! Although the price was a steal it didn’t feature the expertise, detail and technical perfection I create today.

Many people laughed at my work and were surprised that I actually was selling.

In 1990, when my son, Nicholas was ten years old, I took the leap and traveled across the state border to Arizona. Arizona was very good to me and I fell in love with the state. I felt bad to be away so Monday morning I would drive all the way home so I could get home in time to make dinner!

For the next 20 years I won first prize and/or Purchase prize at almost EVERY show I participated in.

During this time I created the Disney figures for Walt Disney Corporation, and created six glass panels for a Synagogue in Thousand Oaks, CA. It totaled 240 sq. ft. and represented the parting of the Red Sea.

By 2000 there were so many people copying my work or doing other glass fusing that while there was great acceptance for my work, the uniqueness was diluted.

After 32 years of being on the road I am finally considering ending my travels to art shows.

I have had so many body parts replaced and have so many health issues that when I look in the mirror I’m constantly asking ”Where is Shawn!”

Artists never retire so I have a lot left inside me; however I am going to take some time off ‘from the road’ and see how strong I can get in the interim.

I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my other interests. Maybe we can connect on other levels too.

Obviously my family is closest to my heart.

I have one son, Nicholas who was born in 1980. I know it is said too much but it is truer than the words say, “Where have the years gone?” Nicholas is now married to Rachel and they have one son, Henry. I babysit for Henry on Tuesdays. He is a delight and it is so wonderful being a grandmother. I see how much Rachel and Nick go through and don’t know how I did it. But like I say, you never appreciate what you’ve done as much as when you ‘look back’. Nicholas and Rachel are doing a great job.

I can’t forget to mention my husband, Bob. We have been together since 1990 and married in 1994. Bob has helped me and joined me in so many shows. We built a house together in the mid nineties for our larger family. It has been a wonderful time together. We continue to explore each other and the world around us. We are both ‘collectors’ so we understand and encourage each other. It is nice to have a ‘best friend’ who wants the best for you and helps you get there.

In 2014 I lost my ex-husband, Wayne Gallop. Wayne was the father of my son, Nicholas. Although we were separated before Nicholas was born in 1980, we maintained shared parenting and Wayne became ‘as my family’. His passing has been so hard on me. I realize how much I grew during our 40 year relationship, how much we shared and how dependent I became on our relationship. He said I was HIS HERO. I saw Wayne through several illnesses and came to feel like a caretaker. Wayne was my biggest fan and always expressed his admiration for my accomplishments. No one else did/does this. Thank you, Wayne. Wayne’s passing has left a hole in my heart.

I also want to mention Laura and Sheryl Gallop, my stepdaughters (hate that word). We have known each other since 1974. We’ve had some rocky roads. I like where we are now. We are close and I really love it!!

I call myself a Horticulturist because I have studied and actively sold and raised plant life for the last 40+ years. Being home has given me the opportunity to harvest seeds and replant and nurture them throughout the next season. SO SATISFYING!!

I am also an aggressive pruner and a-------------propagator. I love to propagate.

I am one of the last hold-outs from Facebook. I was told there are 800 Facebook followers in the HOYA PLANT group. Hoyas are one of my favorite plants to grow and propagate. I used to think it would be nice to have all 10 of the varieties. Little did I know that there must over 100 varieties, so I have scaled back my goal. (At least at this writing!).

Another favorite variety of plants that I grow, collect and love, are Carnivorous plants. I had a few for many years. Now that I have joined a local Carnivorous group, I have learned so much and it has accelerated my collecting and propagating of this most fascination genre.

There are so many other more recognizable flowers that I grow and love such as: Dinner-plate Dahlias, Gardenias; Roses, Gesneriads such as Streptocarpus (African Violet family), Amaryllis, various berries, fruit trees, Orchids, Lilies, perennials, etc.

In 2014 I planted my first Banana Plant, variety, ‘Ice Cream’. I started with a little 2” pot and it grew to over 8 feet tall in just under two years. Hope to have Bananas soon. (fingers crossed)

Another interesting story I’d like to Share is my wonderful car, My Prowler.

Short Story.

As a child I always loved purple. I was made fun of so I always had a bit of a complex about my love for purple. I must say that my maternal grandmother never made fun. For our birthdays she would make us a cake any color we wanted. She would make me a purple cake, with love. I LOVED IT!

About twenty years ago Purple came into its own. YEAH! In 1994 my husband, Bob, and I went to the Auto Show. What would I see, but, a gorgeous Purple car, called a Prowler. I knew I had to have this car. I waited year after year and Bob kept telling me it wasn’t a ‘real’ car yet.

In 1997 it actually was made in purple!!!!!!!

In October 1999 I was the proud owner of the Purple Prowler. It was delivered on a flatbed and I hurriedly got inside and drove it. I had a frozen smile on my face for the entire time I was in the car.
I still own this prized possession, 18 years later. It only has 10,000 miles on it!!!!

I still drive my van daily, and love it too. It’s not my image of myself but it is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven and it holds all my plants and supplies for all my projects.