Now that is something we can all agree on.

I have raised golden Retrievers since May 1980.

I kept a puppy and so throughout the years I had two or more dogs at all times.

EXCEPT June, 2013
Sasha in the flowers for web site
It is the first time in all these years that I have just one dog again. With everything I’ve learned I decided to use my experiences to raise our new puppy.

With tears in our heart and still dealing from the loss of ‘our’ Anastasia, we adopted Sasha June 2013. After 2 weeks (10 weeks old) she was getting the paper, the mail and starting her jumping through

Now at 18 months she has learned too many things to mention. She is on her way to being a service dog and the exuberance she displays when completing a task is a marvel. When I get home the first thing she does is jump on the back bumper of the van, waiting for me to open the door so she can start her task of bringing in the groceries. Her dedication and excitement almost throws me to the ground as she passes me with a mouthful of groceries.

Sasha's New Tricks 12 weeks