The color Purple and my WILD CAR!

Another interesting story I’d like to Share is my wonderful car. My Prowler.


As a child I always loved purple. I was made fun of so I always had a bit of a complex about my love for purple. I must say that my maternal grandmother never made fun. For our birthdays she would make us a cake any color we wanted. She would make me a purple cake, with love. I LOVED IT!
About twenty years ago Purple came into its own. YEAH!
In 1994 my husband, Bob, and I went to the Auto Show. What would I see, but, a gorgeous Purple car, called a Prowler. I knew I had to have this car. I waited year after year and Bob kept telling me it was a ‘real’ car yet.

In 1987 it actually became a ‘real car’ and was being made in purple!!!!!!!

In October 1999 I was the proud owner of my new Purple Prowler. It was delivered on a flatbed and I hurriedly got inside and drove it. I had a frozen smile on my face for the entire time I was in the car.
I still own this prized possession, 19 years later. It only has 10,000 miles on it!!!!
I still drive my van daily, and love it too.
It’s not my image of myself but it is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven and it holds all my glass,plants and supplies for all my projects.

I got a new van in 2016 and since I keep my vans about 12 years, the new one is always so advanced technically. The new van can make phone calls from the touchscreen, my voice or from a voice activated command from the steering wheel. Amazing. It even tells me how many Miles until empty. No more guessing the accuracy of the gas gauge needle. Yeah! I can’t even imagine what I will learn in another 10 or so years from now. Probably I will be doing driverless driving. OH. SCARY!


My purple windmill! I waited a long time for this dream. The dream is over and the powder coating turned to a silvery/pink. While it is pretty, I see no reason to display it. The purple was scrumptious.