Commissions have included art for boardrooms and corporate reception areas, a group of Disney figures for sale exclusively for sale at Walt Disney World, a new style for use aboard the Washington State Ferries, and special pieces for private collections.

It’s hard to believe how long I’ve been doing glass work until I count the commissions I have created and where I was in my life at the time! Sometimes I remember by my operations.

I think my most exciting commission was for the Walt Disney Company. They pretty much left me alone to decide the number and styles I would make. I started out going to the their archives in Burbank, CA. I felt so special to have Carte Blanche while there. “DO what you want," they said. I got swallowed up by what I saw all around me and it was hard to settle on any particular idea. As you can see by the pictures below The collection is fun, sentimental (for us over 50!) and I cherish the whole experience.

Micky Mouse Disney
Micky Mouse as The Sorcerer”s Apprentice

I created 6 glass panels, depicting the “Parting of the Red Sea” for Adat Elohim, in Thousand Oaks. It totaled 240 sq. ft. and took 6 months to complete.

Temple Windows Together Elohim for web site

I welcome inquiries on new commissions. I still have a thousand more ideas in my head (and room for several more), and would love to make something special just for you.