Shawn Athari

Contemporary Glass Artist

Carefree Art and Wine Festival

The Carefree, Arizona Art and Wine Festival is one of the best shows in the West. Some of the country’s best artists are represented at this show, and town of Carefree is usually delightful at this time of year.


Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival - 21st Annual January 2014
Show Dates:
1/17/14 - 1/19/14

  • E. Ho Road & N. Hum Road
  • Carefree AZ 85377
The streets of downtown Carefree are closed, making room for more than 165 artists and in excess of 5,000 original masterpieces of fine art. Artists’ works include small, medium and monumental life-sized bronze sculptures, metal, clay, wood, stone, glass and mixed media sculptures. There is an array of pottery, photography, hand crafted jewelry, batiks and select fine crafts. There is also spectacular oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, watercolors, pastel, charcoal, etchings and mixed media paintings. Subject matter ranges from Southwest and traditional to contemporary and abstract, including floral, wildlife, European, African and Native American art. The festival offers a wide variety of mediums, styles, sizes, subject matters and price range, to ensure there is something that will appeal to everyone who attends.
The Wine Hosting Charity will be The Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce.

Saratoga Art Show

I will be displaying my work in Saratoga, CA on May 5th. This is a great one-day show, and I hope to see my Bay Area friends there.

Sand Carving Glass Sinks

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I Want To Thank

Nicholas Gallop for designing and creating my website. It has been a great vehicle for me. My first website was created by Robert Baumbach, about 12 years ago. Read More...

Some of my other loves

I have always loved the color purple. My sisters used to tease me and say “What are you going to do? Grow up and have a purple car?”. Read More...