Shawn Athari

Contemporary Glass Artist

Asian Styles

My Asian styles consist of a few images from Japan, China and India. My current stock in is listed below, but if you don’t see why you want, please contact me.

Historically, Japan has been subject to sudden invasions of new and alien ideas followed by long periods of minimal contact with the outside world. Over time the Japanese developed the ability to absorb, imitate, and finally assimilate those elements of foreign culture that complemented their aesthetic preferences. The Kabuki performer images that I have incorporated into two flat wall pieces are among the most recognizable of all traditional Japanese images. I make these two pieces in costume colors of blue, red, peach and can make a custom pair for you.

My India mask is based upon a compilation of traditional Indian masks.

Click on the individual links below or under the Asian button to see the various Asian
styles that I have in stock.

India-Mask Example

Segawa Example
Segawa Kikunojo III

Yoshiwara Example