Shawn Athari

Contemporary Glass Artist

Pacific Arrowheads

Each of the arrowheads illustrated is characteristic of the small arrowheads found along the banks of the western Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest. Usually such arrowheads were made from a variety of common local gemstone material, which accounts for the gradation of color and texture of the originals. Shawn Athari has recreated these historical images utilizing various techniques of glassmaking. All accent colors were hand formed by melting and reforming colored glass at 2300°F. Ultimately, all the colors were melted together at 1600°F and subsequently slumped at 1300°F over custom-made molds formed by Shawn. Adaptation of cultural artifacts in contemporary form is the hallmark of Shawn Athari's work. 36x24x3 1/2 in Lucite box