Shawn Athari

Contemporary Glass Artist


Origin: Cameroon area of Equatorial Africa. Dual sculpture is known in the west only through the figureheads and paddles of racing canoes and a few polychrome horned masks, of which this is an especially interesting example. These masks probably served to enhance the traditional chief's power and prestige. It was used as a dance mask. Unlike the figureheads, which are always anecdotal and realistic, the masks remain enigmatic, with a complex decoration that , as well as being aesthetic, has a symbolic meaning. Size 18x23x31/2 boxed. 12x26 on 8x8 Plexiglas stand. Looks best in red, black and gray. Will consider and have done various other colors.

Pasted Graphic
DUAL #15-S
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DUAL #16-S
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DUAL #13-S